Located in the heart of Texas (Plano, just outside of Dallas), Motus Digital is one of the leading motion capture companies in the entertainment industry.  They provide services on a wide variety of productions including video games, commercials, and of course feature films.

Motus sports a slick 10,000 square foot studio, which boasts a state of the art 4,200 sq ft motion capture stage equipped with a 24-camera Vicon MX-F40 MoCap system. They also house a 180 degree green screen cyc (30′ x 30′ x 22′), and a dedicated facial capture area.  A first-class screening theater, post facilities, dressing rooms, conference space and commissary makes Motus Digital suitable for small commercial projects as well as major feature-length productions.

Motus recently teamed up with their friends from Janimation (also Dallas, TX) to do a facial mocap shoot for an internal project.  Motus Digital’s mocap data, when combined with some high-end facial-animation post work (utilizing Zbrush and Arnold) yielded amazing results.  See the final test video below.

Having co-hosted an event at Sundance with founder Howard Blietz, I can safely say that he, his sons Kyle and Ryan, and the whole Motus crew are awesome to work with.  Find out more about Motus and what they can do for you and your production at MotusDigital.com.


  Motus Digital’s motion capture facility.  Photo courtesy motusdigital.com.


  Motus Digital’s team working on the green screen cyc.  Photo courtesy motusdigital.com.


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