If you’ve been itching to write your first screenplay, the good folks at Movie Draft have put together affordable screenwriting software that packs a punch.

As they note on their website, the worlds most widely used screenwriting software is actually Microsoft Word.  Not because its built for that purpose, but because many people already have it available to them and don’t want to open their wallets to upgrade to an actual screenwriting program.

Movie Draft offers professional level screenwriting software for stage and screen, that can be up and running on your computer today for less than the price of a round of drinks.  For under $40, you can have a multitude of story-building tools right at your fingertips.  If you’re going to spend the next few months writing your masterpiece, you may as well maximize your writing time by equipping yourself with the right tools for the job.

Movie Draft is available for both Mac OS X and Windows systems, and has all of the proper Hollywood screenplay formatting built in.  Check out the Movie Draft video tour below, and equip yourself with industry-professional level software today. (filmmatic.com readers get an automatic 20% discount!)

Good luck with your writing, and make sure you alert filmmatic.com when you sell your first script!


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