Two years ago, audiences worldwide were graced with “PIRANHA 3D”, a last-minute 3D conversion loosely based on the low-budget 1978 Roger Corman flick.  In a business propped up by the safety of sequels, it was only a matter of time before someone went back to the pirhana and breast implant-filled well.

“Piranha 3DD”, directed by John Gulager and scribed by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melon, was released domestically June 1st to less-then-stellar box office and reviews.  The sequel to “3D” picks up where the last film left off story and time-line wise, while attempting to up the ante on violence and cleavage.

The action takes place at the Big Wet water park, a not-so-successful aquatic adventure land reopened by a  sleazy entrepreneur with an adult theme and red-cross certified stripper/lifeguards. The assumed-extinguished prehistoric-piranha population make their way from Lake Victoria (“3D” location), via underground rivers and sewer pipes, to the water-supply system of the Big Wet. Bloody-coconut scented mayhem of course ensues.

Danielle Panabaker, David Hasselhoff, Matt Bush and David Koechner star in this expected-but-not-demanded sequel. Grab some popcorn, a six-pack of Schlitz, your zinc-oxide, and soak it in if you dare. Official trailer below…


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