There has been a fair amount of chatter in Hollywood about the possibility of a follow up to “Prometheus”.  Nothing is certain at this time, except that “Prometheus” was produced with the notion that there could potentially be a sequel, and that the concept does not currently seem to be losing steam.

Many of the complaints heard after the release of “Prometheus” were regarding the number of questions left unanswered.  Turns out the gaps in closure were purposeful, and Mr. Ridley is all for another go-around.

Ridley Scott told that he had always assumed the film’s ending would organically set up “Prometheus” for a sequel:

“From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don’t want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to (Noomi Rapace’s character, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw) saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from.“


Screenwriter and Executive Producer Damon Lindelof recently told Heat Vision that he and Ridley had to decide what to include in “Promethues” and what to leave out for the possible sequel:

“Ridley was very interested in talking about, ‘What are the answers to the questions that “Prometheus” is posing that are not necessarily definitively spelled out in the body of “Prometheus”?  Said Lindelof.

“I said to him, we should be prepared for people to feel frustrated if we’re going to be withholding, so we have to be very careful about what we’re saving for later because it’s not a foregone conclusion that there are going to be sequels, and so if there isn’t a sequel, just be comfortable with what we gave them in this movie.”


Lindelof went on to explain how “Prometheus” is both a semi-prequel to “Alien” as well as its own story:

“This movie has two children: One of these children grows up to be Alien, but the other child is going to grow up, and God knows what happens to them. And that’s what the sequel to “Prometheus” would be.”

We’re all looking forward to official word on the sequel gentlemen, the Engineer’s have some explaining to do.



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