Ridley Scott Directed the original “Alien”, as well as cult classic “Blade Runner”.  He then took some time off from sci-fi to helm an array of features including “Gladiator” and “American Gangster”.  His return to the genre he helped create has been a much hyped-about event.

“Prometheus” is a pseudo-prequel to the “Alien” series, in that it stands on its own set of concepts and premises, but does help explain where the Alien creatures we know and love came from.  

The story follows the crew of a scientific space vessel aptly named “Prometheus”.  After discovering an interstellar map hidden amongst numerous ancient earth ruins, the team voyages to a distant planet in hopes of finding the creators of human life.  Instead they eventually discover that the end of humanity may be the ultimate result of their efforts.

I would recommend “Prometheus” to anyone, as it is an important thread in the fabric of the art of film, and because it is a fairly fun ride, especially in 3D.  

Having said that, after my own vewing, I found myself a tad discontented.  The movie falls short on character buidling, some of the dialogue is contrived, and the story does leave the audience wanting for a more weighty plot and/or philosophical dilemma.

This is not to say “Prometheus” is a bust. Far from it. If you go to the theatre wanting a visually glorious thrill ride, you won’t be disappointed. The art direction and effects are spectacular, there is no shortage of tension or scares, and the 3D, should you see it that way, is neatly woven into the action.

In summary, if you intend on ever watching “Promethues”, do it in a theatre, preferably IMAX or in 3D, as the visuals are the strongest element of the film.  



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