In a production world wrought with sequels and remakes, it was safe to assume that someone somewhere would eventually find their way back to the “Robocop” franchise.  That day is upon us ladies and gentlemen.

Its no secret that MGM and Sony are remaking “Robocop”, the update is that they may have just added Hugh Laurie (of TV’s “House”) as a Villain.

“Robocop”, whether you’re discussing the soon-to-be-released or 1987 version, follows the story of a cop named Alex Murphy who is dragged back, via cutting edge medical science, from the brink of death to become a take-no-lip cyborg police officer.   Jose Padilha has been tapped to direct, and Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson are in place already as main stage players.

The new “Robocop”, which based on the current cast may have some chops, is slated to release August of 2013.



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