Barco’s tri-screen panoramic theatre presentation called “Escape” premiered for audiences in fall 2014 with 20th Century FOX’s hit film, The Maze Runner, earning rave reviews from guests and critics that loved not just being at the movies but in the movies.

The format gained further momentum with viewers when it headlined Cinequest Film Festival’s 2015 “Future of Film” showcase, where the Silicon Valley Business Journal noted: “Such [Barco Escape] films might just lure more people out of their homes and into cinemas for an experience they can’t get on their TV sets.”

Barco "escape"

Barco’s fledgling technology just got a boost as Paramount and bad Robot will be re-mastering 20 minutes of the third ‘Star Trek’ sequel from J.J. Abrams and director Justin Lin for use in the new uber-wide screen theaters.

“Justin Lin’s ‘Star Trek Beyond’ is an epic adventure— truly larger than life,” boasted producer and Bad Robot president J.J. Abrams. “It is especially fitting, then, that we are partnering with Barco to provide an ultra wide-screen immersive experience using their unique Barco Escape format. This premium format dramatically expands the width of the viewing plane, giving filmmakers an innovative new tool with which to tell stories and audiences an enhanced new way to experience cinema.”

In addition to remastering 20 minutes of new Star Trek footage, a Bad Robot company exec will also join Barco Escape’s advisory board to demonstrate a commitment to innovative tech.

“Star Trek Beyond” is slated to premier July 22, 2016.


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