IFC Midnight saw something it liked in Director Nicholas McCarthy’s The Pact”, and snapped up he North American rights at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival with a high-six figures offer.  A source revealed that the company plans a video-on-demand release, as well as a limited theatrical run.

“The Pact” is a milestone for McCarthy as well as his first feature.  It is based on a short of the same title, which played a year ago at Sundance 2011.  “The Pact” stars Caity Lotz (above) and Casper Van Dien.  The film focuses on a woman struggling with the messy aftermath of her mother’s death, while discovering horrific truths about her family’s past.  A few other territorial rights to ‘The Pact”, according to its producer Ross Dinerstein, were also sold this week in Park City.

Looks like producing a short with hopes of creating momentum for a feature isn’t a crazy concept after all… nicely played Mr. McCarthy.

-Scott Prestin for filmmatic.com



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