The 2018 Sundance Film Festival is just around the corner, running from January 18-28 to be precise.  The annual 10-day Festival hosts more than 40,000 people a year and spreads out across three cities: Park City, Salt Lake City, and the Sundance Mountain Resort.  Park City hosts the brunt of the fest activities, and if you plan on attending, accommodations should be sought now, not later 🙂

The 2018 Fest will sport a new programming category for episodic works, and a new award for all features…

The new category, “Indie Episodic,” will spotlight short-form TV and web series that capture the independent spirit in smaller doses.  Sundance has been showing short-form episodic shows in the last couple years under a “Special Events” banner, and wanted to solidify the category’s presence in the festival.

“The New Climate” program, introduced at the 2017 fest, will make its return this season.  This distinctive label was created for narrative films, documentaries, virtual-reality experiences, and panels that shine light on environment issues and climate change.

Additional festival information is available at  See you in Park City!



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