Set to hit theaters domestically on May 11th, The Dictator is the much anticipated British/American comedy written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Baron Cohen’s fourth feature will “tell the story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed”, according to Paramount Pictures, which is distributing the picture.

Directed by Larry Charles, who also helmed Bruno and Borat, The Dictator was inspired by the novel Zabibah and The King by Saddam Hussein.  Producer hats were worn by Baron Cohen, Scott Rudin, Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and David Mandel.  The project marks the first collaboration for Rudin (“The Social Network,” “True Grit”) and Cohen, while Berg, Schaffer and Mandel (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm) join him as screenwriters on the movie.

Budgeted at $58 Million, the project appears to be chuck full of lavish sets and set ups.  Whether or not the laughs are as plentiful remains to be seen.  Finally having been privy to the trailer, most would agree that although still much anticipated, the jury remains out on the latest Cohen shock-fest.


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