Its one thing coming up with a great concept for a TV program, its another getting the idea in front of the right people.

Scott Manville, a TV exec who counts Lead Development Executive for Merv Griffin Entertainment amongst his credits, realized this and decided to create The TV Writers Vault. recently interviewed Manville to find out how his online industry service streamlines the difficult process of shopping one’s television concept around to the elusive powers that be:

Q:  What is

A:  Scott Manville-  The TV Writers Vault is a TV industry marketplace where Producers and Network Executives scout new ideas, formats, and scripts for new television shows. Most notably, it is the first website to deliver “ideas” from everyday people, to production and broadcast on Television.

Q:  Why did the idea for come about?

A:  Scott Manville   (pictured left) I was running development for Merv Griffin Entertainment and saw how Producers were scrambling to find new concepts and stories. My first project that ever sold from the company was pitched by a guy in Florida with no connections to the industry, and just a great idea. We made a deal with him, and sold it to Disney on the first pitch. The Internet was just gaining traction with industries beginning to integrate their services, and it just made sense to me to have a centralized venue online for pitching ideas. There was a long learning curve, but the site was well received by the industry, and has proven to be a great sourcing tool for Producers discovering new projects and talent.

Q:  How Does the site work?

A:  Scott Manville-  Anyone with a concept for a TV show may register as a Writer, submitting their proposal to our database where Producers scout projects by genre. When a Producer accesses the Writer’s material, its recorded electronically in the Writer’s project status report viewable when the Writer logs in to the site. Instant email notification of that activity is sent to the Writer. When a Producer likes a project and wants to pursue it, they simply click a button requesting contact with the Writer. Notification of Contact Requests are sent to the Writer, and we send that Writer’s direct contact info to the Producer. The Writer and Producer may then have conversations about the project, and work out any producing deal that is proposed.

Q:  What major networks have executives registered on

A:  Scott Manville-  We have multiple executives from many of the major companies using the site, including; Fox TV Studios, CBS International, CBS Paramount, NBC/Uni, FX Network, Lifetime TV, HBO, Disney Channel, ABC Studios, Starz, HDNet, in addition to numerous leading production companies. Currently, we have over 300 executives and producers that use the site to scout projects.

Q:  Please tell us about a recent success story?

A:  Scott Manville-  The latest would be a series going to pilot at A&E. RelativityReal is the producing company. The creator was discovered at our site, and after developing several concepts with the company, they found the right format, and it looks like A&E may give it a go. This past season we saw two original series aired; “Saw Dogs” (promo pictured top) was a docu-style series that aired 13 episodes on primetime for Discovery Channel. “Deals From The Darkside” was another reality series discovered at our site, and aired globally on A&E, SyFy, UKTV and a handful of other international outlets. Behind all of that are many producing deals landed by Writers using our service, and hundreds of new writers and creators connecting with Producers.

Visit for more information.  You can monitor TV Writers Vault success stories here.

Our thanks to Scott Manville for this interview.


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