Tom Cruise will embark on another sci-fi project.  The “Oblivion” star has agreed to star in Warner Bros. sci-fi project “Yukikaze”, an adaptation of the books by Japanese author Chohei Kambayashi, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

The popular novels were previously adapted into award winning direct-to-video japanese anime movies.  For those of you unfamiliar with the novels and anime spin-offs, the series premise is as follows:

Yukikaze occurs in the early 21st century. Thirty-three years prior, an alien force known as the JAM invaded Earth through a dimensional portal that appeared over Antarctica.  Without alarming the general public, the United Nations establishes a defense force to oppose the threat and, after a series of bloody battles, managed to push the enemy back to the other side of the portal. The UN establishes five bases on a planet named “Fairy” to continue the offensive against the JAM with the Fairy Air Force (FAF) leading the way. The main character, Lt Rei Fukai, pilots the Super Sylph B-503 fighter, nicknamed “Yukikaze”, an advanced armed tactical reconnaissance plane equipped with a near-sentient :AI” system, and belongs to the FAF’s “Boomerang” recon squadron. Over the course of the series, Fukai and the FAF struggles to defeat the JAM, who have perfected the art of human cloning and planted agents all over the FAF.

Tom Lassally and Erwin Stoff are producing.


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