Following its sold out premier at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival (yesterday), Morris Ruskin’s Shoreline picked up the international rights to Freaky Deaky.

Freaky Deaky, an adaptation of the Elmore Leaonard novel, is a dark comedy directed, written and produced by Charles Matthau.  The movie stars Crispin Glover, (pictured above) Christian Slater (see picture-bottom), Michael Jai White, Andy Dick and Billy Burke.  William H. Macy, Matt Dillon and Brendan Fraser were all attached to the project originally, only to subsequently vacate and leave Mathau to retool.

The 70’s flavored film follows the story of a cop who’s drawn into a wildly humorous, sexy and dangerous whirlwind of explosives and extortion.  Shoreline Executive Vice President Sam Eigen and acquisitions executive Melody Djavadi negotiated the deal with Simon Horsman of Rufus-Isaacs, Acland & Grantham, LLP. Paradigm is handling North American rights on the feature, which was Executive Produced by George Eyde, Lou Eyde, Nathaniel Eyde, Robert Cantrell, Steven Berez, Donald Zuckerman and Lee Greenberg .



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