“Vikings” is the first scripted series ever produced by History (previously known as The History Channel).  The series, which was created by Michael Hirst (“Elizabeth”, “The Tudors”)  was inspired by the saga of the Viking King Ragnar Lothbrok.  “Vikings” is slated to premier March 3, 2013.

The nine part series has a reported budget of $40 million, add exteriors shot in the lush Irish countryside to those plentiful financial resources, and you can assume we’re in for some spectacular visuals.  Hirst didn’t have the luxury of sex and nudity on tap as he did with his works on Showtime, but the colorful and violent viking history should pull and entertain a fairly wide audience.

“Vikings” stars Thorbjorn Harr, Vladimir Kulich, Donal Logue and Ivan Kaye.  Welcome to Valhalla history and axe-fight fans.



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