Studio execs at Warner are wary of a wide 48fps release of Peter Jackson’s big-screen adaption of “The Hobbit”.

Jackson is operating at the forefront of filmmaking by shooting “The Hobbit” at 48fps, or HFR as it is also know (High Frame-Rate).   He was also hoping to see the film released in 48fps, but the studio may now opt for limited 48fps showings, with most theaters hosting the industry standard 24fps version.

48fps could possibly evolve into the new standard for filmmakers.  Its great for 3D as it gets rid of most of the blurring and flickering, but many accuse it of producing images that are too clear or life-like.  After some backlash from “The Hobbit” preview at Cinemacon in April, Jackson defended the medium in an interview with Entertainment Weekly by stating that most people get used to the new look in “10 minutes or so…”.





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