Now in its 22nd year, Los Angeles-based CineStory Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing new screenwriting talent. CineStory holds two annual writers’ retreats in Idyllwild, CA.  One focuses on features, the other on television and digital platforms. The retreats provide undiscovered writers with mentorship by pairing them with industry professionals who give them one-on-one feedback on their work and advice on how to navigate their careers in Hollywood

A competition is held for access to the retreats and corresponding fellowships.  The upcoming Feature Retreat will take place October 14th – 17th, 2017 in Idyllwild, and it will focus on helping writers develop their writing skills via one-on-one consultation and a thorough interrogation of craft issues. One selected writer will earn $10,000 and a 1-year Fellowship with Industry Mentors.  Submissions are being taken for this amazing experience, CLICK HERE for information and to enter your screenplay for consideration.


Mentors – For every writer that attends, they will sit down with 3 industry professionals and receive feedback on their projects, as well as general advice on how to navigate a career in the entertainment industry.

Writers –They create an environment where writers have a chance to bond and create their own writing community.  Many writers have left with lifelong friendships. Writers from around the world (Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan) attend the CineStory Retreat.

Idyllwild – Two hours outside of Los Angeles, Idyllwild is the perfect location for a writer’s getaway. Surrounded by the nature’s beauty of the San Jacinto mountains, Idyllwild’s rustic charm allows creatives to be creative…

Retreats can be a great way to focus your creative energy, and make new and valuable contacts.  Please visit The CineStory Foundation’s official website for more information, or to enter one of their upcoming competitions.


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