An incensed 59-year-old radio DJ, who claims William Shatner is his biological father, has filed a $170 million paternity suit in Florida against the well-known Star Trek lead.

In a court filing published by Page Six, Peter Sloan claims his biological mother, Canadian actress Kathy McNeil, had an affair with Shatner while they were working together in Toronto. The late actress later gave Sloan up for adoption, just five days after his birth.

Sloan states he met with the actor on the set of “T.J. Hooker” in 1984 and that Shatner initially “admitted he was the plaintiff’s father”, and invited him back to the set for another visit.  A week thereafter, Sloan claims he was contacted by Shatner’s reps, who said they were “totally denying paternity at this point,” and also plead “Don’t go public . . . [as it] could be horrendous for [Shatner],”.  Shatner reportedly refused a DNA test at this juncture.

Shatner Sued

After Sloan surprised Shatner at a public function, launched the website “” and began hosting a local CBS radio show under his assumed name “Peter Shatner”, he was issued a letter from Shatner’s lawyer, Erik Hyman, stating that his actions were highly illogical and that Shatner was “incredibly busy” and not interested in discussing paternity.

Shatner has denied he is Sloan’s father, according to court documents.

Sloan accuses Shatner of getting Twitter to shut down his account and having IMDB Pro remove a page about a project he was working on, which Sloan alleges hurt his business opportunities.  Sloan seeks $30 million in compensatory damages, a whopping $90 million in punitive damages and $50 million for pain and suffering (wow).


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